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Sawing and milling technology

In sawing and milling technology, we offer standardised machines and systems with individual optional features and outfitting for a wide variety of materials. Special solutions for extremely thick or long workpieces, as well as extremely thin and short parts, can be realised.

Cross cut saws

Workpieces can be positioned automatically and the material is cut to length.


Travelling cross cut saws

Mitfahrende Trennsäge

A stream of board is cut continuously. The saw supporting bridge synchronizes with the board feed and cuts the board crosswise.


Diagonal saws

Double diagonal saw with scorers in throughfeed


Flying saws

Continuous cuts separate for example laminated strips at the joint


Centre cut saws / Split saws

Panel-shaped materials are split continuously in throughfeed.


Dividing saws

Aufteilsäge im Querdurchlauf

Parallel cuts divide boards into pieces of preselected sizes.


Double end tenoners

Boards are processed at longitudinal and transverse edges. Undercutting scoring saws, moulders and sawing units can be combined.


Video - Double End Tenoner


Groove Cutting System

The system cuts up to four grooves simultaneously in one throughput into doors, door blanks or HDF/ MDF/chipboards and grinds off possible protrusions of the resulting contour in a further processing step. The components can be processed in longitudinal and transverse throughput.



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