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Robotics offers the perfect conditions for the rationalisation of production processes. We design efficient solutions to complex problems on the basis of our long-standing expertise and our in-depth experience. As a high-performing partner, we implement the individual projects with well-known robot manufacturers. 

Grasping opportunities

  • Space-saving solutions
  • Covering a wide range of parts
  • Quick and flexible processing
  • Creating high reproduction accuracy

Practical examples of the use of robotics

  • Packaging of pallets according to a predefined pattern
  • Machine feeding and stacking tasks with very high cycle outputs
  • Corner and edge protection applications on stacks of boards of various sizes
  • Coating of boards in a stack with different coating processes
  • Deburring of injection-moulded parts
  • Machining of plastics

Robot loading or stacking systems


Equipped with a gripper to take several layers at a time or with a vacuum bar to pick up individual workpieces. Even combinations of both have already been implemented several times.


Edge protection application robots

Kantenschutzwinkel anbringen

Corner and edge protection application on stacks of boards of various sizes


Spray painting robots

Lackierroboter am Portal

Spray painting of all four sides of a stack of boards. The picture shows an overhead robot featuring a seventh axis.


Materials handling robots with gripper

Robot is equipped with a gripper to pick up several parts on top of each other or next to each other.



Robot stacking system

Materials handling robot with gripper



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