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Conveying and materials handling

Conveyor technology

Our conveyor technology meets our customers’ individual requirements. Tailored to the specific conditions, we produce solutions for loads with weights from one kilogram to multiple tonnes and with a wide range of different dimensions. Depending on the part, we use roller conveyors, belt conveyors, band conveyors, chain conveyors, modular band conveyors or disc conveyors. We achieve changes in direction through the integration of angular transfers, shuttles, rotary tables or lifting devices.
Using a standardised modular principle, we achieve professional conveyor technology with a convincing price/performance ratio for our customers in a wide variety of industries.

Roller conveyors

Driven roller conveyors with different widths and different drive systems depending on application and load (chain drive, timing belt drive, line shaft and belt drive)


Narrow belt conveyors


Driven timing belts or flat belts next to each other


Belt conveyors

Driven belt conveyors in different widths, also available with belt control and fixed dimensions


Chain conveyors

Suitable for heavy loads


Modular chain conveyors

Closed modular chains made of either plastic or metal to suit various types of pallets


Disc conveyors


Suitable for glued or laminated boards


Angular transfers

A combination of a roller and a chain conveyor is used to convey stacks and a combination of a roller and a narrow belt conveyor is used for boards. When overlapping movements are required a combination of a roller conveyor and a rack lifter is also available.


Shuttles / Transfer cars

Shuttles with mounted chain conveyors or roller conveyors are used to transfer stacks or individual boards crosswise to other lines.


Rotary tables

Drehtisch mit Gurtförderer

In different varieties as a base for belt conveyors, roller conveyors etc.


Hydraulic lifting platforms


Scissor lift tables


Lifting frames


Used to lift heavy loads by chain hoist or by timing belt


Fork transfers


Fork transfer with motor driven eccentric lift from one track to the other


Conveyor lifts

For fast lifting and lowering belt conveyors or roller conveyors to different levels.

Materials handling

Our handling systems can be used for a wide variety of materials; these include timber, sheets, plasterboard, gypsum fibre boards, cement boards, cement fibre boards and plastic sheets.
Workpieces can be lifted, lowered, rotated, turned, pushed on or off, and doubled.

Accumulating conveyors

Patented accumulating conveyors for high speed stacking systems


Package doublers


Two stacks are placed on top of each other and so the workload of forklift drivers is reduced


Conveyor racks

Conveyor racks to store boards in front of or behind an oven


Gantry feeders and stackers

Gantry feeders or stackers in combination with lifting frames also available as high-speed systems, with single or double lifting arms or scissor lifts. Optionally equipped with vacuum frames, grippers or forks.


Fork stackers

Fork stackers are carefully placing boards on top of each other


Pallet magazines

Pallet magazines / pallet dispensers for disposable pallets, reusable pallets or euro pallets



Heavy-duty units to push packages onto euro pallets




Individual boards are turned in a crosswise flow using narrow belts


Turners with integrated roller conveyors

Individual boards or complete stacks are turned in a lengthwise flow


Fork turners

Fork turners turn individual boards or doors and clean the lock cases when in a vertical position.



Ganty stacking system

Accumulation conveyor



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