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Automation technology

Regardless of whether you want to connect your production processes using innovative automation solutions or whether you, as a machine builder, are looking for a partner to provide an intelligent environment for your machines: we are the right contact partner and automate a wide variety of processes around your core machine.
Following intensive analysis of the existing production processes, we develop complex systems and intelligently connect individual units to one another. Through the use of robots, we achieve very flexible and innovative production units. We plan fully automated, interlinked systems with minimal set-up times - industry 4.0 is part and parcel of our day-to-day business. All panels are visualised on the control panel in a clear and user-friendly manner.

Robot Stacking System


Fully automated high-speed stacking system with two robots to achieve high cyclic outputs.


Fully Automated Packaging Line

Vollautomatische Verpackungslinie

Packaging line for light weight cement boards, including labelling of stacks, edge protector magazine, top sheet dispenser and strapping machine.


Pushing and Conveying System


Pushing and conveying system for careful conveying of high-gloss painted automotive parts


Moulding and Drilling Machine


Completely automated moulding and drilling machine for kitchen fronts, stiles and rails. Machine is equipped with each a buffer system for the infeed and outfeed of parts.


Control Engineering and Visualisation

Steuerungsbau und Visualisierung
Visualisierung Säge und Stapelanlage

Our machines and systems are completely programmed and ready for operation with all processes clearly visualised on operating panels.



Robot stacking system

Pushing and conveying system

Fully automated packaging line



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