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Wrapping technology

In wrapping technology, we offer solutions from individual machines through to complete wrapping systems. We have specialised in the following areas here:

Wrapping systems for drawer parts

Wrapping machines to manufacture drawer parts of a width of 40 to 280 mm


Wrapping systems for flat furniture components (360° wrapping)

Wrapping system (360° wrapping) for flat furniture components of a width up to 300 mm. Available as complete production lines including board dividing, profile milling and edge sealing.
• Constructed according to the modular principle (FRIZ system)
• Plant can be individually equipped with a wide variety of options e.g. flying saw, edge sealing, grinding units
• Complete production line including feeding and stacking can be realised
• High-performance wrapping plant with hotmelt nozzle application


Mesh wrapping systems

Wrapping machines to glue  mesh material to corner angles made from PVC or metal. Our systems include a cutting unit and automatic loading and stacking of the manufactured corner beads.


Video – Mesh wrapping system


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